How can you tell the good information from the bad circulating online? Despite what some social media accounts or beauty blogs share, there are no overnight, secret cures than can solve your skin care woes. Just turn to us, your skincare experts at The Beez Kneez Skin Care & Acne Clinic! 

Check out some truths and falses below!


  • FALSE- Hand sanitizer used to tone down oily skin.

Hand sanitizers contain alcohol or triclosan (hormone disruptor) as an antiseptic, which doesn’t work for acne.

  • FALSE- Chocolate causing acne.

Some aspects of diet and acne are connected; however, it is primarily dairy products that are responsible. Choose dark over milk chocolate for a bonus stress reducer!

  • FALSE- Neosporin a magical zit treatment.

Acne is affected, not just bacteria but by inflammation and genes as well, a topical antibiotic, such as Neosporin, won't work. 

  • FALSE- Toothpaste on a pimple.

Toothpaste can be very irritating to the skin, causing redness and peeling when applied to a pimple. Most toothpastes contain pore clogging ingredients such as SLS, so make sure not to use this old “trick,”

  • TRUTH- Be careful on suspicious pimple remedies.

Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, calamine lotion, and breaking open liquid gel pain relievers can be dangerous “home remedies.” The best solution is to use a product that’s actually designed for your skin and acne. We are happy to recommend ones that will work for you!

  • FALSE- Egg whites shrink pores.

Pore size is genetic and keeping your pores clean reduces the appearance. Any photos or videos you see online with someone without pores is photoshopped. Egg whites will leave your skin feeling tighter just by drying and sitting on your skin, but they won’t do much else.  

  • FALSE- Coconut oil working on wrinkles, as a moisturizer, or for acne.

NOOOOOOOO don't do it! Coconut oil is great for cooking and will seal in moisture in your hair to weigh it down and stop frizz. However, It is NOT an effective moisturizer! It cannot relieve pre-existing age spots or wrinkles and when used on the skin it just sits on the surface of the skin and clog pores. It is too big of a molecule to penetrate the skin. Save the coconut for the kitchen and reach out to The Beez Kneez to help you find a great moisturizer and acne treatment!

  • TRUTH- Expensive does not always mean better.

Vaseline (used for slugging) or other inexpensive moisturizers work just as well than those products endorsed by celebrities. There is a big asterisk on this though... some ingredients depending on availability and where/how they are sourced/made, can cost more. All of these factors can drive up the price. A good example is gold or phytosphingosine, both cost a LOT and to have enough of these in the actual product to make changes within the skin make the cost rise substantially.

  • FALSE- Natural means safe.

There are some seemingly harmless natural products that clients should stay clear of. 

“Just because it comes from the earth doesn’t mean it’s safe to rub all over your skin,” says Dr Day, MD, a board-certified dermatologist.  “Arsenic and poison ivy are all-natural, but you wouldn’t want to rub those on your skin", That is stating the obvious.

Others seemingly harmless natural products you should steer clear of, for example is, Lavendar & Tea tree oil is estrogenic and young boys who used it started growing breasts. A study reviewed in NIH and New England journal of Medicine

Esthetician recomended products are better because we know the condition of your skin and they have been made and tested for use on your skin.

  • FALSE- Lemon juice for blackheads.

Lemon juice is more irritating than it is helpful and it can seriously burn skin when exposed to sunlight. Think about lemon juice in a papercut, that hurts and having it on your skin in the sun can be much worse. Lemons have a very low pH and it could feel like getting a uncontrolled chemical peel.

  • TRUTH- Washing your face multiple times a day may cause dryness (*for some)

Using the right cleanser for your specific skin issues with the right number of washes makes a difference.

  • TRUTH- Not everyone needs a toner.

Toners have a specific purpose, some adjust the pH of your skin so serums penetrate better, some hydrate, and some are part of 2-step cleansing. Toners can help certain clients, but it's important to avoid over-drying and irritation. Check in with us to find out what is the best solution for you.

  • FALSE- The SPF in makeup or moisturizer is enough.

Mineral SPF is best and 30 or higher keeps your skin youthful! Some chemical SPFs can still bring heat to the skin and cause hyperpigmentation and inflammation. Mineral SPF is generally safer for the ocean reef as well, but be sure to double check! Most tinted moisturizers contain an SPF of 15 or 20 and lack broad spectrum coverage. 

  • TRUTH- There’s no rule about when to start anti-aging products.


Aging is influenced by a combination of genetics, environment, how someone takes care of their body, and so much more. To prevent signs of aging, daily facial sunscreen, at least an SPF15 is a MUST regardless if you burn or not. We are happy to recommend a home routine that fits your lifestyle and skincare goals.


Just a friendly PSA, friends don't let friends get skin care advise from tiktok, see a trained skin care specialist!

The Beez Kneez Team

The Beez Kneez Team

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