How to cover acne scars with makeup?

How to hide spots without makeup?

How to cover acne scars with makeup?

How to hide spots without makeup?

So we get asked often about makeup related to acne, and if we had it our way....we would say go without it.

Why, you ask? Well the truth is you'll heal your acne lesions faster without it!

We know that it's hard to face the world some times when your acne is at it's worst, Priscilla and I were both acne sufferers. Don't hide under a blanket, because here are some tips and recommendations for makeup...

1. You can add some foundation to our Day Treatment Lotion or Allantoin for a tinted moisturizer!


2. You can use a red or pink eye shadow as a blush, there is no pore clogging ingredients in eye shadow.

3. You can double cleanse first with Green Tea Cleanser then with your prescribed cleanser to thoroughly cleanse off makeup.

5. Do not use a pressed powder (a compact) for setting your makeup, stick to loose powder.

4. Give your skin a break from makeup 2-3 times a week.

6. If you wear lip stick, cleanse well around your vermilion line.

7. Stay away from rotary brushes such as clairsonic, they are way to harsh for acne clients.

8. When in doubt contact us.

9. Loose powder, mineral make-up tends to be the safest choice, but still should be checked.

10. The newer Bare Minerals is NOT a safe choice—it contains soil minerals.

11. Any pressed or liquid products should also be checked for pore-clogging ingredients.

If you must cover up we recommend these makeup brands or specific items in the makeup line.

Makeup Removers

We recommend using one of our oil cleansers, green tea cleanser, cleansing milk or The MAKEUP ERASER REUSABLE WIPE

Please note when a formula changes these products may no longer be acne safe.

We try to keep this list as accurate as possible for your convenience.

But as manufacturers of these products do not always accurately update their ingredient decks in places that we have access to, it is our recommendation that you check the label on the product directly or on the outer packaging for a more accurate assessment of the product.

The Beez Kneez Team

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